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Street Fighter Zero 3 (Alpha) JPN With Spine (OBI)


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Since everyone went gonzo with the Playstation port of Street Fighter Zero 3 when it was released, Capcom left Saturn owners in the dust with cries of despair when Capcom announced that the Saturn port was canceled indefinitely while they were working on the Dreamcast port. However, to much elation of all the Saturn fans out there, Capcom of Japan, out of the kindness of their heart (uh…yeah) put the Saturn version back on track, and released the third port of Street Fighter Zero 3 to the public. Ready to warm up that Sega 4MB RAM cartridge (almost) one last time, Capcom delivers another animation heavy fighter to the Saturn, despite the fact that a Dreamcast version of the game was already released. So, for those who own the PSX version of this, is it worth getting? A resounding YES is the answer. For those with the Dreamcast version, a resounding MAYBE, depending how much a hardcore SF fan you are.

Featuring 34 characters encompassing everyone from SF2 to SFZ2, they all fight it out in the arcade mode to get to the perpetrator of all that is evil, Vega. New to this game are the three Isms (fighting styles) that you select for your character. X-Ism is the ‘simple’ style and makes your character behave like their SSF2X counterpart (if they have one) or have SSF2X properties. Your character will have stronger attack power, more Guard Crush meter, no air block, one Super Combo meter and a Super Combo. Z-Ism is the ‘standard’ style and your character behaves like their SFZ self, such as being able to air block, Zero Counter, and have multiple Super Combos that can be initiated at various strengths depending on how much of the SC meter you want to use. V-Ism is the ‘variation’ style and your character has weaker attack power and you can control the type of punch/kick your character sticks out by having the joystick forward, backward or neutral when pressing an attack button. Otherwise, it is the same as Z-Ism, except the Super Combos are replaced with the potentially devastating Original Combos. If you need more info, read the FAQS on this site for the appropriate material concerning the mechanics of the game

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Case, Manual, Spine, Obi


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