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Magical Drop 3 Japanese JPN With Spine (OBI)


The Game
MDIII is a fast paced puzzle game with lots of cute anime style characters based on tarot cards. The game play is addicting and easy to learn. There are several different modes with different goals, but the basic game play is the same all around. Match the colors, and match them fast.

Nothing spectacular is in this game as far as graphics, and nothing spectacular is needed. The colors of all the basic game pieces are bright, and are easily distinguishable from each other. In story and VS mode, the characters are very large and in the middle of the game board, behind the marbles. They do various funny taunts, and cheers depending on the combos you make, or how badly your opponent is beating you. In the puzzle mode, you have a larger playing screen, and your character is much smaller. The character will walk towards the right, and occasionally stop and cheer you on, the better you do. This is VERY fun to watch depend on the character you choose, but be careful, because you may lose track of what you’re doing ^_^.

I got the same impression about the sound as I did for the graphics. There’s nothing spectacular here. The voices are all very cute and enjoyable, but not as crisp as the Playstation version of the game. Even though the voices are cute, they can become annoying after extended play, and certain sound effects are just annoying. Some of the music tracks are very good, but most are mediocre. The songs are about a minute or two long, and some games can last 15 – 30 minutes. The songs can become monotonous after such a long game.

Game play
If you’ve never played the game before, you’ll be able to pick it up fast. It’s fun to play even if you don’t win. All you do is pick up marbles of the same color, and match them with others of the same color so that they disappear. In story mode you do this against a computer opponent, occasionally reaching hidden characters. At the end you get a cute story at the end which usually isn’t too hard to figure out in case you don’t know Japanese. VS mode is just like the story, but there’s no ending and you match your skills against a human opponent. Puzzle mode gives you more marbles, and you are able to scroll continuously in one direction (when it reaches the edge of the screen, it will come out on the opposite side). This mode is more challenging, and takes longer than the story mode. Finally there is a sort of board game mode, that involves playing against a computer opponent, and rolling dice to progress through a series of circles on a game board. This mode requires some Japanese to get the most out of it, but it’s still playable without Japanese skills. There are some interesting versions of the puzzles that include random falling marbles, and coins. You also get an ending that’s different from the story mode ending.

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