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Stake Winners 2 AES


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After one round of the horse racing game Stakes Winner 2, all gamer’s inevitably must ask themselves the same question: “What the hell was THAT all about?” A niche title on a niche system, Stakes Winner 2 has unusual gameplay that only horse-racing otaku could love. Premise: Horse racing games are quite popular in Japan and pretty much equus non grata in the U.S. Do you want to push buttons to make a horse gallop around a 2D track? America generally says no, but Japan and Europe say yes. But that’s what Stakes Winner 2 offers–pushing one of three buttons to make your horse gallop fast, faster, or fastest. There’s timing involved, as well as strategy. You’ll not only need to weave through the pack, snagging speed and energy power-ups while avoiding collisions, but you must conserve your horse’s energy as well. Players choose either a European or American circuit; the latter features such famed locales as the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes

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