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Hello! You found our shop of strange and wonderful things… mostly rare and collectible retro games! The store was started in 2018 by Simon Clark and Richard Patching through a mutual love playing and collecting retro games. We were ever expanding our own catalogs and found a number of duplicates that we had bought in bundles or were just too good to not buy. The store became a location for us to sell those games so that we could share our collection with others.

We want to make it as quick and simple to buy retro games that have honest descriptions and are of the highest quality. Customer service and satisfaction play a key role in enabling us to build a community of fans with a focus on doing all the hard sourcing for you. If you are unable to find a game that you are after please let us know. Our background is in software development and IT, we use custom scripts to search the internet for the very best deals so that we can provide them to you at the best prices possible.

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Telephone: 02380669340

Hello You Found Our Shop
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  • Simon Clark

    Simon Clark


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    Richard Patching


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